DMT is some crazy shit …speechless

"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living, it’s a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope. Which is what I do, and that enables you to laugh at life’s realities."

Theodor Seuss Geisel (1904-1991);
Writer, Cartoonist, Animator (via caitiward)


received hate mail on tumblr because of me being open about my extraterrestrial contact … HILARIOUS XD why would that bother anyone… I’m not bothered by fundamentalist christians, i just ignore them.

whereibegin said:

You actually believe that's 'the truth'?? Hahahahahha alright. Well ill be off...

I can’t control what you must believe or not … that is not my intention at all, It’s just to share information, my truth, my experience… and people can do with it whatever they want. You are free to reject whatever I am saying, like you just did … feel free to come back and engage with me in dialogue again if you ever change your mind - Walk in peace my friend ;) 

mineralite said:

Hey dude, if you don't mind sharing id love to hear more about your interaction with et's :) (i have some too)

Sure thang ! I can summarize somewhat briefly, because it’s an enormously long story :P  …. It basically started with the so called “abductions” when i was really really young … probably around the age of 3-4 I would say. They (both tall and shorter grey humanoid beings with big black oval shaped eyes) came to pick me up like every 2 weeks or so… continuing to the age of hmmm 10-11… after that they probably have come 2-3 times a year… I used to be afraid of the grey E.T’s for a long time because i felt they invaded my privacy… but now when I have been accessing more information from a broader point of view, I totally realized why they do what they do… I’s connected with a hybridization program, of which I (and a bunch of others) are a part of. Sounds crazy eh, i know … but it’s actually the truth.

Rarely i have had contact with other E.T’s too… less physical, what you would call energy/light beings… They glow in different colors… although blue, green and white ones are most common in my experience. they radiate pure love and compassion… to the degree that it becomes overwhelmingly tiring due to the ecstasy one feels in their presence… truly high evolved beings! Bring me to tears talking about this actually… since I don’t share the experiences involving the light beings that often, so thank you for asking me about this so I could apprecaite and cognize those amazing experiences! 

I have also been in contact with two specific types of reptilians (and yes they are real)… but both are benevolent, and I have not experienced (to my knowledge) any negativity from these being. Interesting huh… since everything about reptilians on the web puts them in a negative light.

… I think ill stop here since this answer is kinda long. Feel free to share your own experiences! I’m eager to listen ;) much love  <3